We’re on a mission…

To give foster children in Arizona a keychain with their name on it!

We want to give these kids something that is theirs no matter what home they stay at that night!

The most constant thing in their lives at that time is their name, and we want them to feel seen and known and give them a small glimpse of hope in the midst of the uncertainty in their life.

Hi, We’re Tia and Terri!

We are former foster moms and current biological moms. We met in 2013 at church and since then have been on many journeys together in ministry, with our families, and now our business. We love crafting beauty one project at a time.

The idea was started in June 2021, when a foster child was removed from the home and placed back in what we felt was an unhealthy environment. This deepened our trust and reliance on God’s Sovereign plan. Through a study in Romans 8, Creation Awaits was started. The original goal was 250, because that’s how many names we got from our first foster agency. That year with an overwhelming response, 686 name keychains were fully funded for kids in Arizona.

We are constantly partnering with more agencies in the state to receive more names, make more keychains, and give them away free of charge.

We are able to do this by making custom keychains, ornaments, car decals, and other items for individuals and small businesses. For each product we sell, a child in foster care receives a keychain.

Usually, the initial reaction from an agency is they think it’s a trick or a scam. Then once they realize it’s real, they are overwhelmed with gratitude, that these kids get something so personalized completely free.